Alert for the capture of a catfish weighing 100 kilos in the Guadalquivir

Ecologists in Action of Andalusia has reported the recent capture of a specimen of catfish of almost two meters and about 100 kilos in the Alcalá del Río Dam in the Guadalquivir river, in the province of Seville.

East Large ‘super predator’ it has an enormous voracity and extensive diet. Capable of feeding on other species of fish, waterfowl, and even small mammals. This invasive alien species it can measure up to 2.5 meters and weigh 180 kilos, in addition to having a life expectancy of 30 years.

The environmental group explains that Sirulo “May constitute a serious threat to indigenous species, habitats or ecosystems ”. In the same report they emphasize that in “Spain the species is included in the Spanish Catalog of Invasive Exotic Species”.

Therefore, to achieve a “drastic elimination” of this invasive species it is essential “the total prohibition of sport fishing in areas where catfish are detected, avoiding their voluntary translocation and facilitating their eradication.”

In addition, they emphasize that this invasive alien species could quickly conquer the river system and change the ecology of the river.

Likewise, several catches of this large predatory fish have already been confirmed in the Iznájar reservoir (Córdoba) and in the Gergal reservoir (Seville).