Alejandro Sanz avoids the trial of his divorce with Raquel Perera

Alejandro Sanz and Rachel Perera announced in July 2019 their breaking off after a 12 year marriage. After seeing how these last few months have been progressing, it seemed that the divorce process it was going to be very complicated. In fact, this September they were going to see faces in the judged by not agreeing on issues such as custody and support of their two children, Dylan (9) and soul (6). However, according to the magazine ‘Hello!’, The ex-partner has signed a divorce agreement and put an end to the separation process without the need to go to court.

At the moment, what is known is that the document has the artist and businesswoman signatures and that it details precisely the most important aspects that, until recently, had been the subject of dispute, such as upbringing, custody, visitation of children or maintenance and corresponding compensations on the part of the Madrilenian.

In the document signed by the ex-partner, aspects related to the upbringing and custody of their children are detailed.

Another of the information that has come to the press related to the divorce agreement is that Perera, who until now resided in Miami (U.S), will return to establish their residence in Spain so that the minors can grow up with their father close. This will also make it easier for parents to maintain visitation without having to make such a long journey each time. The drastic decision that the businesswoman has taken for the benefit of her children represents a radical life change and also a period of uncertainty.

The agreement that ends a troubled year

With the divorce agreement reached, the ex-partner

Has buried the hatchet and ended a troubled year
marked by tension and constant complications in the separation negotiations. And it is that although at first it seemed that Alejandro and Raquel were going to carry out the process in a calmer way and being supporters of mutual understanding, the singer, who currently maintains a relationship with Rachel Valdes, surprised by presenting on April 15 a petition for divorce in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) without prior notice and unilaterally. The businesswoman, faced with this movement, He also filed his claim in Miami.

However, finally the ex-partner has managed to put aside their differences and agree for the sake of the children they have in common, so that both parties can spend time with them.