Alejandra Rubio leaves the set of ‘Viva la vida’ after this neglect in full direct

Alejandra Rubio has lived this Sunday a slightly uncomfortable moment on the set of ‘Viva la vida’. The daughter of Terelu Campos has been the involuntary protagonist after a practical joke by Torito, who, like every afternoon, revolutionizes the set of the program with his usual sense of humor.

This Sunday the Mallorcan, who has a section in the program, has chosen to disguise himself as Rocío Jurado, although without much success.

On this occasion, Quique Jiménez has gone much further, and has opted for fuck Carmen Borrego and Alejandra Rubio. He has shaken them at two on the set of ‘Viva la vida’, led by Emma García.

The first to suffer the collaborator’s moment of effusiveness was Carmen Borrego, who was caught in the air in full direct. An image that has not done anything funny to the daughter of María Teresa Campos.

“Making a joke is fine but hurting is not. Now I have to be watching this for years. One thing is a game and another that annoys a rib ”Carmen Borrego complained.

However, the thing did not stop there. After that, it was Alejandra Rubio’s turn, who has been the victim of the same practical joke. Torito shook Alejandra, and at one point her underwear has been seen. At that moment his face changed and he quickly left the set. After a few minutes she has returned calmer.

“I was scared because suddenly I saw that everything was being seen. I’ve gotten off my nerves, but everything in life was that. It’s karma because I laughed at my aunt and she touched me, “the young woman explained humorously on set.