Aleix Espargaró: ‘Marc Márquez is the best rider in history’

DAZN, the global sports streaming platform, offers ‘Aleix Espargaró: MotoGP Challenge’, an exclusive interview with the Catalan rider, in which he shares with Ernest riveras details of his personal and professional life beyond the circuits.

During the Interview, Espargaró recounts his impressions of some of his teammates and, about Marc Márquez, he confesses: “He is the best rider in history”. And, although he indicates that his idol is Valentino, he points out: “If we now make a list of the 15 best riders in history, Marc had to win eight and Valentino did not”.

Regarding how this year’s World Cup is being, Espargaro it is clear that: “The Aprilia and I are being much more competitive than all the Hondas”. Something that is not surprising, since Aleix assures that: “I am in the best moment of my life, in the family and sports, in general, I am very happy”.

Aleix Espargaró, on the back of his Aprilia

“Rossi’s passion for motorcycles is brutal”

About Valentino, the Catalan rider shares: “His passion for motorcycles is brutal, he knows that he is not competitive, unfortunately, we see every weekend that he does not have the freshness that he had before”. And, although you would like to see him win, consider that: “It is very difficult, he is 42 years old”.

Ernest also asks him about his way of being and the problems he has had for always speaking what he thinks, to which Aleix replies: “I regret it, if I could back down I would have been a little more cautious because, in the end, I don’t have any kind of evil and sometimes trying to be so close, getting you wet in everything, has given a perspective of me that I think is not real , but I’m like that, without filters “.

In the spare time that the Aprilia rider has, he dedicates himself to cycling and, given the possibility of participating in a test, he comments: “I would very much like to try cycling, I do not know if I will do it or how, but it is something that catches my attention”.

Fans can now enjoy the full interview on DAZN. On the platform you can also access other original content such as ‘Los angeles del paddock’, a report presented by Lucía Villalón, who shares all the medical procedures carried out on the circuits; or ‘Brothers in MotoGP’, which revolves around a historical milestone: five pairs of brothers competing this year in the MotoGP championship: the Márquez, the Espargaró, the Binder, the Fernández and the Rossi-Marini.