Ale Galán’s dream, ‘that my sister Alba and I share the No. 1 in the world’

The brothers Alejandro and Alba Galán start a new season on the World Padel Tour with the dream of finishing it both as number 1 in the world. Ale already achieved it last season, “I would like to repeat it and my dream would be that my sister, who occupies the 19th position, also reaches No. 1,” he said in statements to the radio program ‘Padelona’

Ale, who is a couple with Juan Lebron, explains that in this new season “there are many new couples and it is a mystery to know how they will work, but the one formed by Tello and Chingotto I see very strong”, while Alba – who plays with Mari Carmen Villalba- highlights “Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar” in the female team, and Alejandro adds that “I would also highlight the Alayeto Twins. I train with them and I see them very strong ”.

On whether advice is given on the court, Alba confesses “I do, but it’s so high …”, while No. 1 adds “yes, we help each other a lot. My sister has a gift and she works wonders. He is able to hold the speed of the ball when I hit. In fact, I was his coach once, and he made it to the quarterfinals! ”

Alejandro and Alba Galán, brothers and players of the WPT, assure that a good rest is essential for a good performance

On how they came to be paddle tennis players, Alba declares that “in Monasterio, on the track that we had in the neighborhood community. Thanks to those beginnings we are here. Even though I wanted to go to Big Brother, I wanted to introduce myself but my coach put it out of my head. I would have asked the “Super” for a paddle tennis court in the garden. (laughs) “. Alejandro reveals that “I remember my first final, in Valladolid, at 40 degrees … I was shaking on my nerves. And I remember the impressive feeling of seeing the Palau Sant Jordi, in Barcelona, ​​in the Final Masters, with a record 10,000 people in the stands ”.