Alcorcón leaves Albacete on the brink of decline

The victory by the minimum of Alcorcón in the Carlos Belmonte leave the Albacete, bottom, on the verge of descent, since it remains eight points behind a potter set that now has one point with respect to the danger zone.

The meeting began with the same script as the previous week for the Albacete team: conceding an early goal (minute 2). In this case the error in the mark was Fran garcia, who allowed Laure enter only from the right-hand side so that it could put a measured center to the far post that Xisco Muñoz nodded to the bottom of the tights, before the connivance of Kecojevic and the meta Tomeu Nadal.

That early advantage conditioned, one more week, a meeting between two direct rivals in the fight for continuity in the silver category of Spanish football, with a potter painting comfortable defending with many players and a white squad that could not find the spaces to approach the opposing goal.

The best arrival of Albacete took place in a rehearsed set-piece play in which the lateral center of Carlos Isaac left a goal scorer Pain that, had he hit the ball, he would have tied the game (minute 24).

The continuous turnovers of Alvaro Jimenez They hurt the local team that saw their best footballer weighing down a slow ball circulation in itself due to the low level of their players.

The second part began with intensity, especially the home team that tried to add players in attack and to make crosses to the heart of the Madrid area that the visiting rearguard constantly rejected in an expeditious manner.

However, the first shot was fired Nwakali, in the fifty-fourth minute, the ball was lost a few centimeters from the goal defended by Tomeu Nadal.

The Albacete occasion emerged shortly after in an action by the right-handed band of its most intoned footballers, a Carlos Isacc who saw the entrance through the crown of the area a Dani torres, whose strong shot went wide (minute 61).

From there to the end, the Alcorcón ceded all possession to a Albacete that he abused the horizontal game and whose players had a lot of distance between them, making it impossible even to produce notable opportunities.

The rigorous expulsion by direct red card by Carlos Isaac at minute 89 and a goal annulled to Ortuño in 92 they remained in simple anecdotes, because a defeat was certified that leaves the white box eight points from salvation with fifteen to play, while the Madrid team manages to leave the relegation zone five days before the end of the championship in Second division.

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0; Albacete: Tomeu Nadal, Carlos Isacc, Gorosito, Kecojevic, Fran García, Álvaro Jiménez, Silvestre (Zozulia, min.74), Dani Torres, Fuster (Cedric, min.58), Peña (Diamanka, min.74) and Ortuño.

1; Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez, Laure, David Fernández, León, Bellvís (Víctor García, min.44), Hugo Fraile (Arribas, min.74), Aguilera, Nwakali, Dani Ojeda (Ernesto, 74), Juanma (Gorostidi, min. 74) and Xisco Muñoz (Barbero, min.59).

Goal: 0-1, Xisco Muñoz (m. 2)

Referee: González Esteban (Basque Committee). He showed yellow cards to the locals Peña, Silvestre and Fran García and to the visitor Ernesto. He expelled the locals Isaac, in the 89th minute, and Fuster in the 94th minute.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-seventh day of the league in the Second Division played at the Carlos Belmonte stadium