Alcaraz: ‘What happened is not normal, but we have earned salvation’

Lucas Alcaraz, Albacete Balompié coach, stated after winning Cádiz (0-1) and achieving permanence that “the competition has not ended normally”, as what happened to Deportivo-Fuenlabrada did not seem “normal”, but that his team has “earned” his “right to follow” in Second on the field.

Alcaraz indicated that it does not “seem normal” that only Depor-Fuenlabrada has been postponed, due to several positives for COVID-19 in the Madrid club squad, and not all the games where there was something at stake, but he avoided expanding on this matter and said: “Let the institutions that have to fix it fix it.”

“The reading is clear. The competition has not ended normally, but we have earned our right to continue in professional football in the green, and I am super proud of all the structures of the club, a family club that makes you take a lot of attachment to people, for the fans, for those who are not, for the city, “he stressed at a press conference.

The coach wanted to focus on the salvation of his team and stated that “it is time to think about the contractors who left us in the confinement, our subscribers who have not been able to go to the field, in the city, the club employees , that many would have had labor difficulties if we descended, in the workforce “.

According to the man from Granada, in his thirty years as a professional he has experienced similar situations, but to suffer at the end of the League “nobody gets used to it, it has been a day with many nerves” because they knew that “it was only worth winning and also what happened to sporting”.

He added that, with everything, Albacete “has had tenacity and faith, he believed and at the last minute, with an annulled goal and a penalty (in 89 and whose launch he did not want to look at), it was enough to win.”

“In these situations you know that you work for many people behind, for the illusion of a city and a hobby, for the jobs of the club. It is a big responsibility and it would have been very sad to descend, because we have led 16 games and lost only 2, although the permanence has been very expensive “, highlighted Alcaraz.

He declined to talk about their future, because “it is time for people to enjoy after a few months in which there have not been many joys” and “if this, without being as important” as the pandemic, “serves to cheer them up a little, welcome be “, although he assured that, had he gone down, he would have offered his” services for free “.

For his part, the Cádiz coach, Álvaro Cervera, asked if the postponement of only Depor-Fuenlabrada detracts from the competition, asserted that “totally” and added: “this today is an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others, to we did not harm us, but we did harm other teams. “

“In the end, it’s how most things have been done in this league for a while, it’s done because someone says so and you have to do it. I think it’s not right, but I’m not going any further,” he said.