Albiol: ‘We are working for a place in the Champions League’

The defender of Villarreal
Albiol He pointed out that the objective for which the team is working is to reach one of the Champions League places at the end of the season and highlighted the quality and breadth of the squad to fight for the three competitions.

“The goal is to be fourth and improve what was achieved last year. The beautiful thing would be to play in the Champions League, the difficult thing is to create a winning mentality. It is possible to fight if we are all there, we are a large squad and everyone is showing that they can contribute and maintain the level. There are three competitions and we are all important. You have to be prepared for each game, we need everyone and the squad knows it. I think so far we are doing well, “he said

The veteran defender highlighted the team’s trajectory since the start of the season, stating that “I think we have had quite a few good moments, we have grown and matured a lot. Despite the two defeats the team has had a growing trend, I think the We players have also grown and that is the line we must follow if we want to be at the top. We have a good squad and a clear idea of ​​how we should compete, that is the key to reaching a great final goal.

Albiol assured that it is not a pressure to set the goal for fourth place, although he recognized that “it is a beautiful responsibility to be able to win for us and for the club. It is good to be excited and that people are. The jackpot is to play the Champions League this year that is coming, it is a complicated challenge but we have to think about ourselves, on a day-to-day basis and be excited to achieve it “.

Regarding the next game, against Tenerife in the Copa del Rey, he pointed out that “it is a final, you cannot fail or lose focus because it is a game and you cannot get lost. Everything is equalized and makes it very complicated, so we are going with the idea of ​​the previous qualifying rounds: match the intensity and motivation of the rival ”.

Praise for the competition to be a match

The Valencian footballer praised this competition model for a match, as he stated that “it is a more beautiful and even competition, it is difficult since they can eliminate you at any time, but it is much more beautiful. You can also fall at any time, but it is true that it is more interesting and opens more options for all teams “.

On a personal level, he commented that “I feel very comfortable from day one and that makes everything easier. The motivation is to enjoy every moment until the end of my career. Many people thought that I came to spend time at home and I have shown that it is not true. I came from Italy to show that I could compete here and do it at the level that I did there. ”