Albiol: ‘Cavani? It does not surprise me that at his age he is still in the form in which he is’

The defender of Villareal Raúl Albiol spointed out at a press conference that the Manchester United, rival who will face next Wednesdays in the final of the Europa League, he is “a giant of football” so he considers it logical that he starts as a favorite to win the title.

“I don’t look at bets. Someone must be favorite; and, by history and budget, it is normal that they are. They are a giant of football and it is normal that the favorite is Manchester. This is our first final and that is always taken into account ”, he explained.

The veteran defender, who has already experienced several finals throughout his long professional career, commented that in this type of game “you have to be natural and be calmYou are now at the end, so you have to be strong during the match. “

“Everyone has experienced things in football, it is something personal, above all it is living it yourself and being very focused. We know that We can only win it as a team and we must prepare it like this, that’s our way. So we are all important, “he continued.

“The team has grown this season, it has been improving in the bad and good moments, so now it is time to put that experience on the table in these two games,” he said in reference to also to the match against Real Madrid of the last day of LaLiga where the qualification for the Europa League is played.

Albiol stressed that the team’s goal It was to reach the end of the season with European options in the league and with options to win a title. “They are two beautiful games against two historic teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United, very excited about both,” he stressed.

The European final will be the fifth for coach Unai Emery, who won the first three with Sevilla. “The figure of Emery he is very important, he has a lot of experience and he is the winner in this competition. Sure he will help us before the game, but it is true that now we are the players who must give our best, be calm and know what we have improved along this path. You always dream of this and now we are on this stage and with a final “, he pointed.

Asked about the type of match he expects in the final, he said that “We know the punch they have, they are a very offensive team and high-level players who score many goals. They are a team with a lot of potential in attack, so they are going to demand a lot from us. We expect a close match, as an open match will complicate us a lot ”.

Albiol highlighted the figure of Uruguayan striker Cavani. “I know him because he is very loved in Naples. We know what a great player and scorer he is. And I am not surprised that at his age he is still in the state of form in which he is. I was very surprised that after the end of the contract I was without a team for so long. Uruguayans live football in their soul, they will be very happy, I think they have renewed. We must be prepared, because if it is not Cavani it will be another Forward; because that’s what happens in the finals, “he warned.

Regarding your options to enter the convocation of the coach Luis Enrique for the Eurocup, the center-back said that “no more things enter my head. Cavani, Real Madrid … I can only be thinking about the two games I have left, which are the most important for my team and for me.”

“When all this is finished the list will come out and I can not think about that. The last year I have not gone and I can only focus on what depends on me. If I play, finish at the highest level,” he concluded.