Alberto rejects offers “for doing great things” in Tenerife

CD Tenerife central defender Alberto Jiménez reported that he rejected offers to accept the blue and white club’s renewal proposal, given that he offered him a longer contract and wants to do “big things” for the team he has been in for eleven years.

In the telematic press conference in which the details of his renewal until 2023 were given, with the option of one more season, the youth squad stressed that one of the main reasons to continue on the island is that they offered him a contract for more duration.

“It was long months that we were talking; there were things from other clubs, but the best option was to continue at Tenerife,” he said.

Alberto Jiménez stressed that a three-year offer was not expected, as the current economic situation was, while insisting that he wants to “do great things here”, since he only has a promotion and wants to “do more things big”.

The versatile Majorero player, who will serve ten seasons in the Chicharrero first team, has highlighted that they already deserve a promotion to the highest category.

The youth squad has reported that when deciding his future he has put “everything in a balance”, since “it is not just money”, about which he has said that he stays “with the eleven years” that he has been on the island and that he feels “valued” and “important” within the club.

“We can do many things with the new sports director, we have a foundation since the other coach left, it is showing,” he added.