Alberto Moreno’s warning to Real Madrid

Brown, side of Villarreal, get to know first hand what it means to play in the Liverpool. He spent five years, won a Champions League and lost another, against him Real
Madrid. Rival this Tuesday, precisely, of his former team, which does not arrive at its best. But, he warns, in an interview with EFE, that Jürgen Klopp’s men can “do a ripping in five minutes.”

He returned on Saturday against Granada after a long knee injury. How did you feel?

A marvel. An incredible feeling after such a long time of suffering with the injury. That is the reward for all the work and sacrifice behind it. He was super nervous, he looked like a canterano when he made his debut; amazing. Many sensations, nerves …

They say that you can always get something positive out of bad times. What have you learned from all these months of injury?

That we are privileged with the life we ​​have. We have to enjoy life and live it with joy. Enjoy the family. And that it is wonderful to have the job that all footballers have. There are problems in life much worse to eat your head. I have taken to live life, enjoy, be happy …

Against Granada, Gerard Moreno once again dazzled, who has almost 50% of the team’s goals in the League

He is a spectacular player. Look, I have been, thank God, with very good players, but Gerard does everything well. Everything’s fine. In training sessions, in games … the controls, the passes, the definition, the mobility, the help in defense … everything. For me, it’s a ten player

Is this the season that Villarreal is going to win a great title like the Europa League?

We know that it is a beautiful challenge, an illusion. At the beginning, it is true that the team wanted to focus more on the League because that is what was going to give you the regularity of the whole year. We also gave importance to the Europa League, but we were going to go step by step and see what happened. But now that we are there, reaching the quarterfinals, it is time to give it great importance. It is a very nice competition. I was lucky to win it with Emery at Sevilla, what a coincidence (laughs), and it’s something very nice. Emery is doing an amazing job, that’s why we are there

Yesterday Villarreal published that the members are going to renew for free for the next season

Imagine what that is like for an amateur! My goodness… It’s a very family-friendly club, but when you’re inside and you see the level of machinery they have, facilities, how they take care of us with the subject of food… it has surprised me a lot. Look, I came from Liverpool that we had everything there …

Tomorrow Tuesday there is a Real Madrid-Liverpool. It seems that Liverpool is not doing very well … how are you seeing them?

They have had a lot of major and positive coronavirus injuries. In addition, they have had a bad streak and are missing important players … but it is Liverpool. We know what Liverpool is like, they can make you unstitch in five minutes. He has very important players at the top with Salah, Mané and Firmino. It’s going to be a very nice game

You know what it’s like to win a Champions League with Liverpool. How do you remember that day?

It was spectacular. I did not play any minute, but on the bench it was as if I was on the field of play. Super nervous, shouting every play, cheering on my teammates… Besides, I had the death of José Antonio Reyes in mind and my contract with Liverpool was ending. Many things that said “please, we have to win this cup anyway, for Jose Antonio, for me, for Liverpool, for the fans …”

You were in the last precedent between Liverpool and Real Madrid in that Champions League final in Kiev. Salah recently said in an interview with MARCA that the difference with that match is that they are now champions. Is it so obvious that you have already won to go with more confidence?

Yes, in the end it helps. It is good to see that they have won a final as they did and to be able to get up and the following year to return to the final and win it. There you can see the work and what club Liverpool is. Right now, Liverpool is at the height of any team in the world. No European team would like to face Liverpool. I have lived it from the inside and it is impressive what that club moves, nobody gets used to the idea

When he uploaded a post to Instagram after his return against Granada, Firmino sent him a message congratulating him. How is your relationship with him?

In other interviews I have been told that who of the three would I stay with? I always say Firmino. Forever. He is like Benzema, but later in defense he helps the team a lot when it comes to defending, receiving to turn and looking for Salah and Mane, the perfect controls, he knows how to move around the field, he has a goal … for me he is ‘top’. For me, he is the best striker in the world

Another proper name for Liverpool is Salah. Do you see him capable of succeeding in Spain as well?

Just as with Firmino he had a great relationship, with Salah he was not so close; He took me with him spectacularly, but I don’t know where his future will be. Then, as a footballer, it is goal, speed, strength… he has many things. He is a player who, wherever he plays, is going to perform

The last proper name. Jurgen Klopp. He seems like the father of all, always smiling, close even if you don’t play … what is he like on a day-to-day basis?

Great coach. For me, along with Emery, the two best coaches I’ve ever had. He is very close to the player and is very smart, he always knows when to say the right words to the player to activate him, read the games to tell the team and read the opponents. And then treat all players the same. Last year I played little and always smiling with me, he hugged me … As a ‘top’ coach, you went out to the field and wanted to eat the opposite