Alberto Garzón criticizes LaLiga for resorting to the law that limits advertising of the game

The minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has criticized this Wednesday the attitude of The league for having resorted, as has been assured, the new regulations on betting house advertising, which in September will prevent footballers and teams from displaying advertisements for them.

In your account Twitter, Garzón advance that The league has appealed the royal decree that limits the advertising of online gambling that was approved last November and that has been entering into force in a staggered manner, with a transitional period of up to ten months.

“They put their benefits before the protection of millions of young people throughout the country. They will have #JuegoLimpio in front of us,” says Garzón in a tweet.

Since the approval of the royal decree, it was no longer allowed to sign new advertising contracts that were against the norm and since last April, popular people and of public notoriety could no longer appear advertising and encouraging them to participate in different games.

As of this month of May, promotional bonuses are prohibited to attract new customers, who were using many bookmakers and online casinos to publicize the pages related to the game to users not yet registered.

At this time, they can only be offered to customers who are registered by companies in the sector.

And also from this month on, the advertising of the game over the internet and by email is prohibited, unless there is the express consent of the person concerned, who must not be someone with problems with this activity.

As of September 1, no more announcements about online gambling can be broadcast in any media, with the exception of a time slot, from one to five in the morning, and all kinds of sports sponsorship will also be terminated. that had a game operator as its background.