Albert from MasterChef Junior revolutionizes networks with his visit to MasterChef 8

One more Monday ‘MasterChef 8’ It has generated a stir in the networks. But this time it was not any of his contestants, who in the previous program left much to be desired, but little Albert, contestant from ‘MasterChef Junior 7’.

The little chef and three other colleagues attended the program to accompany the adults in the kitchen. He and Vera were in charge of leading each of the groups in the team event that this time took place in the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation from Madrid.

The man from Tarragona already started giving the note when choosing which contestants would make up his team, since he decided to gather together those who seemed to him the most handsome: all the women and

Already in the kitchens the little chef starred in several moments that the networks have turned into memes. The tremendous cut she made to Teresa when asked if she was not pretty or the moment she ventured to go spy on the red team caused more than a smile to the spectators.

But, undoubtedly, the most commented detail were Albert’s binge eating in the kitchen, because he did not miss an opportunity to taste the delights that the contestants were preparing in this new edition of the cooking contest: “Albert sucking 24/7 represents our new normal”.

He tried everything he could.

The ‘junior’ chef not only made contestants and jury laugh, he also managed to win the test to the blue team.