Albacete leaves the descent in Almendralejo

A lone goal by Maikel Mesa in the injury time of the first part was enough for the Albacete Balompié he won a more than important victory against him Estremadura, a direct rival in a game in which the period of inactivity and the lack of rhythm of the game have been noted.

The first part is insulted by the two teams in which the first and last minutes stood out, with the goal of Mesa, and the number of yellow cards shown by the collegiate Milla Alvendiz, a total of six.

The first of them came in the first minute to Gorosito and on the subsequent play Álex Díez bounced a free kick on the right that ended with a header Sergio Gil and narrowly went outside.

These first measures foreshadowed an electrical confrontation but it was only an omen, because until the last stage the only thing that encouraged a little was a couple of failures in the Barca behind that did not culminate in anything.

Those of Manuel Mosquera they lacked the pressure at the exit of the ball from the visitors to whom they are accustomed, while the whites waited for their moment to hit the blow while they did not suffer excessive problems in defense.

The azulgranas were able to get ahead on the scoreboard in a corner that only Gil finished off with a header, again, but he did not hit the goal and Table, after warning with a shot from the front, he did not fail. It was the second minute of extra time when Fran García made a very long throw-in, to the area, Gio Zarfino He came very forced to the ball and combed it towards his goal where the La Mancha forward was, who went ahead to the defense and pushed the ball to the bottom of the mesh.

The second half had the energy expected from a match in which neither club was worth the draw because they are direct rivals in the fight to avoid relegation.

The Estremadura, aware of the situation, he had the need to go upstairs, Albacete let him do it and the locals did not take advantage of the few occasions they had. Alegría, Zarfino and Pinchi tried it head first without precision.

Shortly after Lomotey left two defenders in the midfield and put the leather between the lines for Pinchi, who fell asleep and went ahead Gorosito to send it out.

The clearest of Almendralejo He was in the boots of Alegría, who did not hit the shot in the center of Díez when he was alone in a small area, and that action reflected the powerlessness of the players.

From there to the end, those of Lucas Alcaraz They had an opportunity from Fuster and Airam Cabrera closed the game with a high header.

Extremadura: Chaste; Álex Díez, Fran Cruz, Borja Granero, Bastos; Zarfino, Olabe (Airam Cabrera, min. 86), Sergio Gil (Lomotey, min. 51), Pastrana (Nono, min. 51), Pinchi; and Álex Alegría.

Albacete: Tomeu Nadal; Caro (Erice, min. 50), Gorosito, Kecojevic, Fran García; Pedro, Barri (Fuster, min. 68), Eddy Silvestre (Zozulia, min. 50), Dani Ojeda; Mesa (Susaeta, min. 79) and Acuña (Horse, min. 79).

Goals: 0-1, Mesa (min. 45 + 1).

Referee: Milla Alvendiz (Andalusian committee). He admonished Sergio Gil (min. 26) and Fran Cruz (min. 29) from Extremadura, and Gorosito (min. 1), Caro (min. 6), Eddy Silvestre (min. 27), Mesa (min. 36), Pedro Sánchez (min. 74), Lucas Alcaraz (min. 90 + 1) and Fran García (min. 90 + 4) from Albacete.

Incidents: Match of the thirty-third day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Francisco de la Hera stadium (Almendralejo) without spectators. A minute of silence was observed for the victims of COVID-19.