Alba Carrillo sprouts against Marta López: ‘You have been gored in front of all Spain’

Island of Temptations 3‘It is giving a lot to talk about, both on social networks, where each episode is a’ trending topic ‘, and on television programs, especially if they belong to the Mediaset universe. This Thursday, a new installment of the ‘reality’ was broadcast and, as expected, this Friday it was widely commented on programs such as ‘It’s already noon‘, Where his collaborators have given their opinion on the latest controversies.

Since the first edition of the ‘reality’, in which five couples travel to the Dominican Republic to put their love to the test, there are those who defend infidelities and those who do not forgive a single. This has generated on more than one occasion discussions on set and that is precisely what happened this Friday at the ‘Fresh‘ Come in Marta Lopez Y Alba Carrillo.

Marta Lopez He has defended the attitudes of Manuel and Lola regarding their partners (both have been unfaithful), in addition to doubting the love between Raul Y Claudia. The words of the collaborator of ‘Save me‘They have turned on Alba Carrillo, very critical of this type of attitude. “You have lost all desire in love, we are going to take you as a temptress and we are going to leave you there”, He told his partner. “The thing about Manuel is that he always looks for excuses to continue being unfaithful. What he does with Lucía is throw buckets of shit at her, ”continued Feliciano López’s ex.

Marta López and Alba Carrillo in ‘It’s already noon’.

Alba Carrillo: “I am angry that you defend the bulls when you have been gored in front of all of Spain”

Well, wait, in the preview of images you see Lucia with another tempter”, Answered López to his partner, referring to the new images of the woman from Cádiz with Isaac, one of the town’s bachelors. This answer made Carrillo angry again. “What angers me the most is that you defend the bulls, when you have been gored in front of all of Spain”, The ex of the tennis player has snapped.

With these words, Carrillo reminded his partner of one of the hardest moments he has lived on television. And it is that during the first half of 2020, Marta López was the protagonist of one of the most followed controversies of last year with her ex Alfonso Merlos Y Alexia
Rivas. “Precisely because of that, because maybe I am too old to see that the most important thing is not that“The ‘former great sister’ shouted back.

Marta López and Alba Carrillo in 'It's already noon'.
Marta López and Alba Carrillo in ‘It’s already noon’.

The discussion between the two seemed to have no end and, finally, Sonsoles Ónega has had to put peace between them. “Well, well, let’s see if we’re all going out here gored“, Interrupted the presenter of the space, pulling humor. It must be remembered that Alba Carrillo also has suffered infidelities throughout his television career, although his attitude towards these was very different from that adopted by Marta López.