Alba Carrillo loses her forms live for Rocío Carrasco: ‘You can undermine a lot!’

Last Tuesday Telecinco released a bomb that will give a lot to talk about in the coming weeks and even months. ‘Save me’Announced that Rocío Carrasco is going to star in a documentary series in which he is going to tell, after more than two decades of silence, his version of the story. Produced by La Fábrica de la Tele, this production It will have several chapters and the first will be released next Sunday, March 21.

As expected, since the announcement of this documentary on all Telecinco programs There is no talk of anything else and all have already spoken. Some collaborators of the chain await the premiere with skepticism, others with distrust and all with a lot, a lot of curiosity. And, of course, those who maintain a friendship with the daughter of Rocío Jurado have already started defend it tooth and nail even before the premiere.

And that is precisely what he has done Alba Carrillo this friday in ‘It’s already noon‘, A program from which she has shown all her support for her friend. “Rocío is not alone. She will not have her family, but she is not alone. She has many people, including myself, who support her and support her”, He said live. Likewise, “former great sister” has acknowledged that she did not know that Carrasco had tried to take her own life and has confessed that as a friend she feels guilty. “As a friend I feel guilty because I did not know it had come to that, It hurts me a lot”, He has assured.

Alba Carrillo loses the forms live for Rocío Carrasco: ‘You can undermine a lot!’.

Alba Carrillo: “Rocío is not alone, she has many people”

However, in the program presented by Sonsoles Ónega Afterwards, there was a moment of real tension when the issue of Carrasco’s null relationship with his children was discussed, David and Rocío Flores, whom he has not seen for years. Carrillo has asked that the version of your friend is heard
before judging.

Finally, the collaborator has ended up very angry and has even starred in a confrontation with Marta Lopez when she has assured that Antonio David Flores has been a good father for your children. “Do you know what parental alienation is? The image of one of the parents can be greatly diminished”, Carrillo has shouted to López, confirmed contestant of‘Survivors 2021 ’.

Judging her as a mother can only be done by her children!”, Added the ex of Feliciano Lopez. Of course, the collaborator has also recognized that mothers and fathers they are not perfect and that they can make decisions that, although they think they are correct, are not the best for their children.

Alba Carrillo loses the forms live for Rocío Carrasco: 'You can undermine a lot!'.
Alba Carrillo loses the forms live for Rocío Carrasco: ‘You can undermine a lot!’.