Alavés will only sign if players come out

The Sports Director of Alavés, Sergio Fernandez, confirmed this Wednesday that the Vitorian club will only sign in this winter market if players come out Of the template.

The albiazul leader explained during the presentation of Abelardo Fernández as the new babazorro coach that the economic situation indicates that “There is little room for new incorporations” and that the club’s obligation “is to get the most out of its squad.”

According to the departure of Pablo Machín, the head of the Basque club signings acknowledged that his separation was motivated by “the famous trends and inertias of the teams and internal situations ”that he did not want to make public.

Sergio Fernández was respectful for his work and “grateful for his involvement, generosity and effort“, But regretted that” sporting situations take away intentions and desires. “

He assured that they were not wrong signing Pablo Machín last summer because in his opinion they had “the tools to adapt to your system ”.