Alavés covers his back with a wide insole

The Alaves
covers his back to try to have a calm end to the competition. Regulatory changes, which collect the increase in players called -23- and exchange -five– In each commitment, they advise having large and balanced staff.

In this sense, the return of Thomas
finish propping the center of the field in a blue-white team that also increases the number of footballers in your campus at 30, thanks to the incorporation of six members of the subsidiary.

Joselu, fifth yellow

Has been lucky the babazorro set to power recover all his footballers with physical problems. If the break had not existed, the team would have had to face the duel against Spanish very just effective. In March, after playing against Valencia, to low of Thomas
Pineapple those of Fejsa, with a muscular problem, and those of the two players affected by the mumps Burke and Camarasa-.

Alavés work session

Nor was the Babazorro technician going to be able to count on Joselu, that before him Valencia saw his fifth yellow in league and will have to meet a sanction match. In this case, the striker is still unable to play in Cornellá for accumulation of warnings in the first duel of the return to the competition.

Now, that black panorama is relieved. Everyone with physical problems has had time to recover and, unless unforeseen arise, they will be available to the coach to face the reunion with
Abelardo in a key crash in the fight for salvation. Therefore, right now and with more than a month to go, Joselu it would be the only required absence.

It is precisely the absence of a third born center forward the only mole on the current campus. However, it has Asier
Garitano tactical resources to alleviate this problem, such as a system change that would go through playing with a single point well supported by his teammates in attack.

In this case, the pichichi babazorro Luke
Perez would be the headline, while men like Aleix
Vidal, Edgar
Mendez or even Victor
Camarasa would be alternatives to play behind the striker.

Two or more per position

At rest of positions, the Alaves this well covered. In goal, with Robert
Jimenez already recovered from his physical problems, the team has two warranty goals.

In defending, the polyvalence of Ximo
Navarrese, and also that of Ruben
Duarte, increases the wardrobe depth. The first is being used as a right-back, along with Martin, and also central, where he completes the payroll next to The guard and He and –The two headlines- and Magellan. The second, fixed on the left, has also shown to know how to handle the axis of the rear and, in its band, it has Adrian
Marin how squire. Another central, Tachi, he has played very little and Rafa
Navarrese, the other side, does not count.

In bands, there’s also plenty of arsenal

In the wide area, the return of Thomas
Pineapple raises the quality and rotation capacity. If he recovers his best level, he is called to be a starter, well supported by Camarasa, Manu
Garcia, Ljubo
Fejsa and Pere
Pons. Close the list Ishmael
Gutierrezthat still has not debuted with the first babazorro team. Such an important number of players in this area allows the coach to play with double pivot or trivot.

In bands, there’s also plenty of arsenal. With Aleix
Vidal and Edgar in principle as Headlines, Oliver
Burke, Luis
Rioja and Borja
Sainz it’s both relays most used to date. The Scotsman has gained presence and has overtaken his teammates in this second round.

In attack, only the two front strikers: Joselu and Luke
Perez. Both have 20 goals and they form the second deadliest pair in the competition. Although they lack a third relay, there are alternatives in the squad to replace their possible absence. Only in the event that both were missing would problems arise.