Alarm in Real Madrid for physical wear

“Physically we are at the limit, I don’t know how we are going to end the season.” This phrase was said Zidane after finishing the Classic and has set off all the alarms at Real Madrid due to the physical condition of the team. In fact, Zidane changed in the 70th minute to three players at once: Vinicius, Benzema and Kroos. Something that, from the outset, may surprise you, but the truth is that all three were exhausted.

And it is that Real Madrid was emptied against Liverpool last Tuesday with Kroos lying on the grass at the end of the game. The German lasted just over an hour in the Classic and the same happened to Vinicius, who got tired of running, and to Benzema. That physical wear was key in the missed opportunities by Real Madrid in the second half. That lack of physical freshness when reaching the rival area is what makes the difference in the goal.

Kroos and Valverde they left limping and we will have to see how they get to the duel next Wednesday in the return of the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Another ‘final’ for Real Madrid who will undergo another tough physical test.

Unit B, Carvajal and Varane

ZidaneAware of what is at stake, he has recovered Unit B. He has no choice and to his delight, the less common are responding to him. For the remainder of the season, that unit B it looks like it is going to be decisive in this Real Madrid.

Facing Liverpool, Zidane hopes to recover Carvajal, although it is difficult for him to play after almost two months without competing. Varane, For his part, he is still confined by the coronavirus and Real Madrid is waiting for him to test negative in three PCRs. Something that, on the other hand, seems complicated considering the little time that there is until the duel against Liverpool.