Alaba, getting closer to Real Madrid

The signing of David Alaba by Real Madrid seems to be closer and closer to taking place. According to reports from Sky Sportsl, the Austrian defender would not have signed with Real Madrid yet but he would have a pre-agreement of five years of contract with which he would begin his new stage in the white team.

Thus, and according to the aforementioned media, the contract would not yet be signed but could be in the coming weeks. In this way, Real Madrid would incorporate a new signing at zero cost since David Alaba ends his contract with Bayern Munich this next June 30.

And Ramos with his agreement for discussing

With the possible arrival of Alaba, Real Madrid would have Sergio Ramos’ fringe to fix. A player who, according to the latest information, seems to be more out than in the white team.

The last appearance of Florentino Pérez in El Chiringuito de Jugones made it clear that the Sevillian and the president are not on the same page, which could lead to an end of the stage in which the player and the president would be singled out for not agreeing.