Al Elche they have already traced five games that started winning

The Elche he returned this Saturday empty from his visit to the Alfred
Stefano after getting ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a header from Dani Calvo and being 1-1 with time up, pending only the addition. It was in that first minute of the four that the referee added when Benzema He connected the left-footed shot that would be worth the final 2-1 and that would end up drowning the illusions of the French-green box.

Is the fifth time So far in LaLiga 2020-21 Elche ends up drawing or losing a match that started winning. In three of them he ended up giving up a draw and in the other two, losing. And this supposes a very difficult deficit to assume when the team is, as it is almost, fighting to save the category.

On the ninth day of the championship, Elche was ahead of the Celtic at Martínez Valero to end up giving up a draw (1-1). In the eleventh the story was repeated before the Cadiz, also on Alicante terrain, for a 1-1 final.

Against him GetafeOn the eighteenth day and in Elche territory, the outlook worsened. After getting ahead on the scoreboard, the still pupils of Jorge Almirón saw how the azulones got up to three goals that left their initial score to nothing (1-3).

One day later, in Valladolid, Elche took a bitter point because the tie at two goals came after having gone ahead by 0-2. And on Saturday, in the Gave
Stefano, the team rowed to end up drowning on the shore: 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, the fifth comeback suffered by Elche after starting winning and three points (or one, above all, by the time the 2-1) that escape.