Aíto, concerned about sports management in times of pandemic

The town hall of Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona) has launched, in collaboration with the Aíto García Reneses Foundation, the program ‘Posa’t a day, form’t in esport’ (Get up to date, train yourself in sport), a series of online presentations aimed at helping the management of sports entities (and other groups) in times of pandemic and what will come after. The initiative was presented this Friday in Barcelona by Aíto García Reneses, in Barcelona to face the Barça with his Alba Berlin in party of Euroleague, and the Mayor of Mollet Josep Monràs.

The program consists of a series of presentations by people with an important reputation in their respective fields, such as the sports psychologist Pep Marí, the former professional basketball coach Javier Casero, the former coach of Barça futsal Marc carmona, the coach of the Barça basketball cadet Glòria Estopà, former Inter Movistar futsal coach Jesús Candelas, ACB coach Diego Ocampo, the former physical trainer of Barça and the Spanish basketball team Toni Caparrós, the doctor of nutrition and sports physiology Aritz Urdampilleta, the sporting director of Alba Berlin Himar ojeda and the sports psychologist Pere Alaustré. The presentations, which will be totally free for registered people, will be developed between April 6 and June 8.