Aitana shares a WhatsApp conversation and everyone pays attention to this detail

A publication of the popular Spanish singer Aitana It has gone viral in the last hours as a result of a detail, which surely the artist herself has not noticed but that her followers have noticed.

Aitana has shared a WhatsApp conversation Through his Twitter profile where he shows how his hair has been after having a hairstyle. As is normal, the friend replies by laughing at her and sharing a photograph of Hermione, one of the protagonists of the Harry Potter saga, due to her resemblance to hair.

So far everything normal. Well, the publication has gone viral on the networks for a small detail of capturing the singer’s conversation. At the top left is the conversations Whastapp’s that the artist has without reading and the total is surprising: 279!

This detail has not gone unnoticed by Aitana fans, who h
have reacted on the networks with a multitude of messages, all of them with humor.