Aimar: ‘The wild part of football most of today’s boys don’t have’

Pablo Aimar he reflected in an interview on the radio about the differences between the football of his time and that of now. The Argentine coach under 17 it is clear what has changed.

“With regard to the subject of enjoyment, I think there is something that is also misrepresented a lot, which is creativity. There is a lot of talk about the lack of creatives. If I go to play the guitar today and the teacher tells me what to play and how to play it, tomorrow the same, the same thing happened, but at home I don’t play it … It was what we did 30 years ago : we played three hours later because the world was different. Today the boys only play that time they go to the club. Before you went to the club to be accommodated a little, “explained the former Valencia and Real Zaragoza.

And he added that “when you played wild on the street, nobody told you not to throw a pipe in your area. They accommodated you in the club, but you already knew how to throw the spout. What’s more: we played that someone who threw a pipe, they beat him. That wild part today most guys don’t have. I think what we can do at the club is give them a bit of that pure game. “

He also commented that “when they are very young it is very different from when they are big. The positional game that Guardiola’s teams do is wonderful, I love watching it, I’m an eternal admirer, but I don’t think you have to do it with 10-year-olds. Because they let Mahrez dribble, that’s why he stays there waiting to play a heads up. They left him when he was 10 years old or he didn’t give a ball to the coach who told him not to dribble, we don’t know … “.