Aguero, goodbye to the last musketeer

To the advance announcement of the goodbye of Omen He is accompanied by an infinite list of memories, none as powerful as that of the dying Premier of 2012. That much in the discount against QPR changed the status of a footballer who went from star to myth. Since then, that minute 93:20 it occupies a privileged place in the memory of the people and in some of the corners of an Etihad that thanks to the 10 boasts one of the most epic afternoons that has been lived in the history of the league.

The protagonist of that heroism leaves. And that of so many others. Omen not only stays in the figures. Despite the fact that no one has scored more goals than him, many people will remember him as the best to ever wear the City jersey. An infallible striker without the need to restrict himself to the profile of 9. A player with talent to understand and interpret the game outside the area without being considered a 10. An eclectic guy with Mancini, with Pellegrini and with Guardiola.

Your relationship with Pep Went from less to more. From the initial suspicion that existed between them to the affection that has been later. Santpedor’s was cited with Omen in a Brazilian restaurant in 2016. It was not a dinner with friends. It was a meeting in which he told him that to continue at City he was going to have to adapt to his way of playing. And the Kun fulfilled: “Maradona conquered Italy, Messi, Spain and Agüero, England”, He pointed out yesterday Guardiola in an interview for ESPN.

The last musketeer says goodbye. The latest in a saga of footballers who came to a club that went from nothing to glory: Touré Yaya, Zabaleta, Kompany, David Silva and now Omen. Time spares no one. The Argentine leaves after a bitter season, with hardly any prominence in the team. Depleted by injuries, he dragged discomfort in the meniscus since last summer and his presence has been testimonial because of other minor injuries.

His end was an open secret. The club delayed the talk with Omen waiting for the player to take sides. If I had wanted to, I would have continued. You have earned the right to decide your future. No one would have kicked him out of the City but somehow he was shown the exit door. It was the end of a stage. Guardiola he needs to do touch-ups in the summer and has to look for another attack profile. Although he knows that no one can or will be able to resemble the Kun.