Agnelli: ‘There is a blood pact and we move on’

Andrea Agnelli Does not yield. The president of the Juventus has reiterated, in an interview with the newspaper ‘The Republic’, the intention to move forward with the project of the European Super League despite the difficulties they have encountered in recent hours, especially after the retreat of the six clubs in the Premier League.

Agnelli emphatically assures in the Italian newspaper that “There is a blood pact between our clubs and we continue forward. It has a one hundred percent chance of success ”.

The head of the Turinese entity also explains that “we maintain open dialogue with the institutions, FIFA and UEFA. What we are doing is perfectly legal. We are exercising a freedom provided for in the EU Treaty ”.

Agnelli insists that it is a open league. “It is because there are five seats and the Super League addresses the biggest problem in the industry, which is the lack of stability. It is time to act”.

Regarding UEFA, affirms that “it manages our rights, sells them, decides how many to redistribute us and also regulates us. Without facing economic risks and also, it is our rival. FIFA and UEFA earn great income from our players, but they have not helped us in the midst of the crisis. They have to choose: either they are regulators or commercial promoters ”.

And it also justifies the Super League in that “in Germany, Bayern have eight in a row. In France there is hegemony, in Spain, a duopoly and in Italy, in one hundred years, 80 championships have been won by Juventus, Milan and Inter. So the ambition of the small teams is legitimate, but we have a centennial statistic ”.

Finally, on the Juventus players reaction he says that “they have asked me when does it start.”