Aganzo: ‘I am clear that Toquero is the candidate of the Federation’

David aganzo, candidate for reelection as president of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), said this Tuesday that it is “clear” that Gaizka toquero He is the “candidate” of the Federation and pointed out that, for the new legislature of the union, he will make the banner of “fundamental values ​​such as unity, transparency and independence.”

Aganzo (Madrid, 1981) will run for reelection of a position he has held since November 2017, when he replaced Luis Rubiales, who left the presidency to stand for the elections of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

“This candidacy carries the values ​​of leadership, closeness, equality, efficiency, professionalism, solidarity, commitment and honesty,” he said. Aganzo, during the presentation of his candidacy, entitled ‘The value that unites us’.

The other candidacy is headed by Gaizka Toquero (Vitoria, 1984), ex-footballer of Athletic, Alavés, Zaragoza, Eibar and Sestao River, who retired in May 2019. “I have nothing with Toquero. I know him because we have helped him from AFE and I am clear that he is the candidate of the federation. I know that the other candidacy has met in a hotel with federations, “he stressed.

Aganzo, Former Real Madrid, Espanyol and Valladolid footballer, among other clubs, assured that for this new stage in AFE qualities such as “humility, unity, transparency and independence” should also be important.

“They have tried to destroy the union With a dirty war and in all the ways, but we have had thirteen trials and we have won all thirteen. That is why I highlight the message of independence, to which one another of training, future and desire. Our candidacy is totally clean and people know who is behind it. We are going to dialogue with any interlocutor, but the commitment is only with colleagues, “he said.

It is precisely because of the value of independence that he has decided to enter the candidacy as a member Jose Antonio Camacho, who experienced the creation of the union in 1978 when he was a professional footballer.

“There is a long and difficult road because we must continue defending all categories of football. AFE has to be independent, it cannot be a branch of anyone. The footballer has the strength and we have to be united, but always independent, even if we talk to everyone, “said Camacho.

Among the objectives that Aganzo shelled for the next legislature there are those to promote the future Sports Law, improve the First and Second Agreement, update the Second B agreement, improve and regulate the Third Party’s working conditions, internationalization so that the brand is recognized abroad, sessions AFE for women, professionalization of women’s football and modernization of the entity to adapt it to the digital age.

In the candidacy of David aganzo appears as Secretary General Diego Rivas and as vice presidents José Luis Morales, Jordi Alba, Silvia Messeguer, Lucas Pérez and Jade Boho Sayo. In addition, as members are Adrián González Morales, José Antonio Camacho, Juan Manuel Marrero, José Verdú ‘Toché’, Daniel Giménez Hernández, Javier López Mora-Gil, Ruth Acedo and Ismael Gil Broncano.

The electoral calendar of AFE establishes the date of Wednesday, March 3, for the provisional proclamation of the candidatures received until last Friday, and that of Monday, the 8th, for the definitive one, once the possible claims have been resolved.

From 9 to 18 will be the deadline to request the vote by mail, which may be issued at the notary’s office in charge of it until April 6, three days before the celebration of the Extraordinary general assembly for the holding of the elections, the result of which will be final on April 14.