‘Against Granada you have to be brave and go for the game’

The Elche CF coach, Fran Scribe, affirmed this Friday that before the grenade, rival in LaLiga this Sunday, his team must be brave and go for the game from the first minute.

“It is an intense team that competes well, but if we do things well we have Many options”, Commented the Valencian coach, who relativized the importance of the numerous casualties with which the rival will face the match.

“Whenever a team lacks players it benefits you, but in any professional squad there are players to cover the casualties“Said Escribá, who specified that Granada will face the game” with moral and strength “after its success in Europe.

“Regardless of the casualties, it will be a party complicated”, Escribá insisted, who said that the Barcelona party, despite the defeat, left him“more positive than negative feelings”.

“We are reaching more to goal and balancing back. That is the way ”, affirmed the Valencian, who defined Granada as an“ intense and aggressive team in a good way ”.

Fran Escribá reiterated that Elche’s idea is to “win because we need the points and play better and better ”and recalled that his team“ only had one more day off than Granada ”to prepare for the game.

Regarding the role in the team of Juan Francisco Martínez ‘Little boy’, Who can fulfill his 800 match in professional football, the coach indicated that he knows the weight of the striker in the club’s history but that he should treat him “like any other player, because in addition he would not allow any privilege.”

“I had not treated it on a human level, but when you do, you understand why it is such a dear person and with that trajectory. Your role will be what it should be at all times. Some days we require it more and others less ”, he concluded.