Advíncula continues training while his transfer to Boca Juniors is resolved

The Lightning
Vallecano completed this Thursday a new day of pre-season training in which the Peruvian right-back was present again Lewis
Advincula, who lives pending the negotiations between the Madrid club and Mouth
Juniors to resolve your transfer.

Negotiations between both clubs are underway after the offer made a few days ago by Mouth
Juniors and what, in the LightningThey have seen with satisfaction, although a few fringes are still missing for the operation to be closed.

Rayo paid three million euros for him

The Lightning intends to recover part of the investment by Advincula, who has a contract until 2023 and whom he signed for three million euros at Tigers Mexican in 2019, even if the total number of the rescission clause is not reached.

While the operation is solving, Advincula He continues to exercise normally with his teammates, including the Albanian international Ivan
Balliu, which has been incorporated this week by the Lightning after signing him for the next two seasons.

Balliu is right back, like Advincula, and his signing is a key movement within the sports planning that the Lightning for the next course, for which they do not foresee that the Peruvian will follow.

The two right-backs that Iraola will have, if the transfer of Advincula, will be Balliu and the youth squad Mario
Hernandez, that last season already had a certain role and, in the key match in Montilivi against Girona, the one of the promotion, got to play of title.