Adexe & Nau present their latest song, ‘Nada serio’

Nauzet (12/9/2002) and Adexe (07/07/2005) Gutiérrez Hernández are two Canarian brothers, born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who form ‘Adexe & Nau’, the greatest Spanish musical phenomenon of the digital age.

They started in 2015 by publishing ‘covers’ on YouTube. Their first video together was “If You Are Not” by Nicky Jam. The video had a huge impact and, from there, they continued to publish videos performing songs by other artists. Some of them, with more reproductions than the original songs.

The 2016 It was their big year: they signed with their current Management office, 33 Producciones. In addition, on September 15 they published their first own single “Tú y yo” composed by Iván Troyano and Lupión, its producers, and themselves. The song has already exceeded 200 million views on YouTube. Finally, in October they received the Gold Button for having exceeded one million subscribers.

A few months later, in February 2017, signed their first record contact in Miami with Sony US Latin. The agreement had a lot of repercussion in both the Spanish and American media, with Billboard magazine being the first to echo the record signing. In April they made their first promotional tour of the USA
USA touring the main media in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando and Puerto Rico.

On May 5 they published their first album “Tú y yo” composed of 12 unreleased songs, which reached number 1 in the official Sales Charts of Spain, Colombia and Mexico. In June, they participated in the soundtrack from the Sony Pictures film ‘Emoji’, composing with Iván Troyano and Lupión.

In summer they made their first promotional tour of Latin America where they visited Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru and Mexico with great success. In these countries the great acceptance of Adexe and Nau among the American public. The two brothers made mass record signatures lasting more than 8 hours in some cases. By the end of this year, in November, they had already exceeded 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

That same month, after the great success of ‘Emoji’, Sony Pictures returned to

count on Adexe and Nau to promote another major international film: ‘Jumanji, welcome to the jungle’. The song ‘Together in Jumanji’ was another great success and, thanks to this, they became the first Spanish artist to participate in the soundtrack of two international films in the same year.

In December, they became the first Spanish artists to surpass the 2,000 million views on YouTube and on December 2 they gave their first concert of their own in Mexico City at the Metropólitan Auditorium. Tickets sold out so quickly that they had to offer a second session on the same day.

A few days later, on December 9, they were part of the prestigious lineup of the Flow Fest in Mexico City. This is the largest urban music festival in America. There they shared the stage for the first time with artists such as Wisin, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna or Nicky Jam. From this moment on, they became the Spanish artists with more international projection of the last few years.

They began 2018 by publishing their first book “You and me embracing a dream” edited by Ediciones Martín Roca (Planeta). In the book they tell, first-hand, their experience in the world of music, since they began singing on a family birthday until today. On March 23, Adexe and Nau were in charge of acting in the Dial Awards opening, the most important of music in Spanish, where they received an award that recognized them as the greatest digital phenomenon of

music in Spain.

In April of this year, they performed for the first time, selling out all tickets at the emblematic National Auditorium in Mexico City before 10,000 people. This marked an important milestone in the career of Adexe and Nau and, from this moment on, they consolidated their career as artists in Latin America. On June 24 they achieved another goal, by hanging the poster of sold out at the Wizink Center in Madrid. The most important venue in Spain and one of the most recognized in Europe.

In July 2018 they began their first tour of America touring several countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico, reaping great success in all his concerts. In August, the music of Adexe and Nau They also came to Asia with the female group Wasuta, with whom they collaborated on the song and the video clip “I want to live.” The song was performed in Japanese and Spanish.

On November 30, 2018 they released the first EP of their second album, “Binomio Perfecto” whose first single “Esto no es sincero” was their first ‘Featuring’ with brothers Mau and Ricky, along with 4 other new unreleased songs.

In 2019 they started the year by publishing a collection of photocards with Panini made up of 108 unpublished photos. On February 28, they were distinguished with the Fans Choice Awards
in all three categories To which they opted: Best Urban Artist 2019, Best Teenagers Artist 2019 and Best Children’s Artist 2019. These awards are granted by popular vote, which makes them one of the most recognized.

On March 8, 2019 they published the second EP of the second album “Dando el corazón” It includes 5 new unreleased songs that are one more step in the artistic maturity of Adexe & Nau. In addition, two stand out ‘Featuring’ with Abraham Mateo with “Really” and with Izan Llunas with “In my heart”.