Adele hits her fans with this latest photo: ‘Is it Taylor Swift?’

The makeovers of singer Adele they are a constant in recent years. The British artist continues to surprise with her innovative ‘looks’ and her radical changes in weight or hair color, which give her a very different image from one year to the next.

This time, Adele It has shocked its many fans. The singer published an image on social networks smiling and without makeup, in a photograph that also shows the incredible weight loss of the interpreter of Someone like you.

In the image, he points to the television screen he has on it, and in which Beyoncé’s new visual album, Black is King, appears. In a few hours, the snapshot has amassed more than 2 million ‘likes’ on Instagram.

The singer’s followers have reacted astonished to the image. “It took me two minutes to realize it was Adele,” said one user, while another joked.: Sorry, is it Taylor Swift?

Since dedicating herself to a healthier lifestyle and choosing to lead a more restrained and healthy nutrition, the singer has repeatedly amazed with her incredible physical change after losing 45 kilos. His changes of image do not stop surprising and it is clear that this time he has perplexed his fans.