Adelardo’s life lesson to Atlético at this critical moment of the season

If anyone knows anything about
Atlético de Madrid
that is Adelardo Rodriguez. The great captain is the player who has worn the rojiblanca the most. A myth. There is not a page in the most glorious history of the club that does not include the name of the Badajoz.

From the authority that gives him having worn the mattress shirt so many times and having lifted no less than ten titles, including three championships of The league.

That’s why he knows what happens to your body when you fight, as the team does now, for the league title. And the pressure you have. Hence, he wanted to send a message, which is a lesson in life and experience.

“You have to work daily, without thinking that you go first. I have won three leagues and all three in the last day. In fact, I was going to win a fourth. We played against him Barça in the Calderon. Whoever won was the champion. We tied … and the Valencia. So as to believe that we are already champions! ”, Said the Badajoz through social networks. “The team, now, is with its feet on the ground and aware that this, in addition to being long, is going to be tiresome,” he added.