Abelardo: ‘I don’t think it’s my last chance’

Deportivo’s coach Alaves, Abelardo Fernández, indicated this Friday that It is not suggested that the match against Cádiz Be yours “last chance”And said that everyone knows the importance of the meeting.

The Asturian pointed out that he will give everything for the club and stressed that he does not have to demonstrate his Alavesismo to anyone.

“No one needs to tell me how important the meeting is, the contact is constant with the club and the support they show me is outstanding “, insisted the coach, who after the comeback suffered against Betis, gave importance to the attitude of his players, but recommended that” there must be a balance between attack and defense ”.

If “Pitu” were a doctor and Alavés a patient to intervene, he explained that it would open his brain because he would like to enter the footballer’s head since he detects that “they need confidence and be focused throughout the game.”

But the babazorro coach said that they have turned the page and are thinking of a game in which they want to score three points “and also to put another team in the fight ”.

He remarked that “the dynamics must be changed with work and effort” and assured that “the atmosphere is excellent in the dressing room.” “The players are involved and know what they are playing“, Said the Gijón, who will have to handle” anxiety “and make his players see that they will have to be patient in a game that will be long.

Despite the urgencies, Abelard commented that “it is an important game”, but they are at two points and they are not “evicted”. That is why he prefers “not to generate so much pressure” in the surroundings of a team that has concentrated in the hours prior to the visit to Cádiz.

For the Albiazul coach, the Cadiz squad “is much more comfortable without the ball than with the ball” and he predicted that they will have to take the initiative, but they will have to be attentive to the attacking footballers of Álvaro Cervera as Álvaro Negredo or the exalavesista Rubén Nephew.

“Others have pressure in other jobs, we have to take it with the necessary intensity, but from the tranquility ”, he considered the “Pitu” who prefers to focus on his own and not read or listen to what is said in the Albiazul environment, the same as when things are going well.

“I try to convey calm because I can’t let the players see me nervous,” he commented.