Abelardo: ‘I am more convinced than ever of salvation’

Abelardo Fernández, Alavés coach, he said this Sunday, after the 1-0 defeat against Atlético de Madrid, who is “more convinced than ever” that his team can achieve permanence, stressed his confidence in the players and highlighted the “fabulous” game of his team, which deserved “more”.

“The team is very well, without a doubt. It is true. I want to convey moderate optimism, because I am not going to sell any motorcycles. The team transmits very good things, we are not having fortune, I do not want to attribute it to that, but it is a reality, “he said during the press conference at the end of the duel in the Metropolitan Wanda.

“I am more convinced than ever. I trust the players. There is a very good atmosphere in the team. Let that be clear, which is reality, “continued the coach, who highlighted “the great game” that their players have made against Atlético de Madrid.

“I keep the great game that my team played. I am very proud of the behavior of my players. They have been ten. It was a shame because we had a great game against the leader, a team that is spectacular. We had a fabulous game. We have not had that fortune in the penalty, but not in general either. We have deserved more, “he declared.

“The last three games, and I would tell you a fourth with Osasuna, the team has competed very well. We have played three good games and the baggage of points has been very low, but also very undeserved. Obviously, the players are wreckedIn the end, how dramatic it was and it was a shame after having that penalty. If we are like this, let’s get it out. Head up everybody. The work is being formidable and the results are not accompanying us. The work is ten, “he stressed.