A woman in New Zealand dies from a shark attack

Terror in New Zealand. A woman lost her life this Thursday in the waihi beach, in the homonymous city of the North Island of New Zealand, as a result of the attack of a shark, inform the Police, a rare incident in the waters of the oceanic country.

The authorities indicated in a statement that the victim, who according to the media is in his twenties, perished as a result of injuries caused by an apparent shark attack and after being treated by the emergency service.

The coast guards have asked the population to stay away from the water, while they have started an operation, in which they have deployed jet skis and a helicopter, to locate the animal, local media report.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation notes that, according to its documented data, in the past 170 years there had only been 13 previously deadly shark attacks in the country.

The latest incident dates from February 2013, when a shark killed a swimmer off Muriwai Beach, more than 100 kilometers northwest of the current attack.