A well-planted Malaga neutralizes Castellón

Málaga won 0-1 at Castalia in a match in which they knew how to read the game from the beginning to neutralize the home team in a clash. This meant the home team’s first defeat and the visitor’s first win.

Castellón could not start the game as it would have liked, as the owner of the ball, since Sergio Pellicer’s team managed to close the spaces for the players capable of creating in their ranks.

Little by little, Málaga grew and Ramón scored the only goal of the match against a Castellón who tried but could not feel comfortable with the game. Lacking depth in his game as a well-planted Malaga prevented him, the game entered a phase of little football.

The locals came out in the second half ready to take the ball and look for the rival goal. Malaga gave it to him and was in charge of being well organized on the field without leaving the opportunity to take advantage of the spaces to the rival. Only Jorge Fernández was able to surprise and break Málaga’s pressure line, although without success.

Pellicer’s team could take advantage of an overturned Castellón, although it did not find the strength to leave quickly when it recovered balls in the opposite field. The best was in a distant free kick from Escassi that escaped the Castellón goalkeeper but could not take advantage of it.

Cano was gambling and betting on making offensive changes with the departure of men like Carles and Rubén from the field and giving entry to refreshing players with the ability to reach the rival area such as Jordi Sánchez, César Díaz. He braided the plays better but he did not just create danger in front of goal.

As happened in the first look and on the opening day Marc Mateu was the one who with the ball at his feet created the greatest incidence in the game. The tie was about to come out of his boots after a good cross that was headed by Jordi in the 84th minute but went wide.

Bad luck came to Malaga with Hicham. Pellicer gave him entry in the 88th minute and without touching the ball, as soon as he entered, when playing a long ball, he suffered a muscle injury that made him leave the field.

In the third minute of the six that Sánchez López added, Castellón would score the tie but the goal would end up being just annulled for offside and Gus Ledes still had the last one in the 96th minute with a shot from the front of the area that Barrio sent to a corner with a great intervention.

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Data sheet:

Castellón: Whalley; Muguruza, Satrústegui (Victor, m.70), Lapeña, Gálvez; Carles Salvador (Gus Ledes, m.70), Rubén Díez (Jordi Sánchez, m.58), Jorge, Marc Mateu, Signo (Fidalgo, m.77) and Ortuño (César Díaz, m.77).

Malaga: Dani Barrio; Ismael Casas (Rolón, m.88), Juande, Escassi, Matos; Benkhemassa (Bouhlahroud, m.55), Cristian; Calero, Ramón, Ramanhi (Hicham, m.88) and Caye Quintana (Orlando Sá, m.80).

Goal: 0-1, m.18: Ramón.

Referee: Sánchez López (Murcian Committee). He admonished Signo, Muguruza and Lapeña for Castellón and Matos, Escassi, Calero, Benkhemassa and Dani Barrio for Málaga.

Incidents: Game played behind closed doors in Castalia.