A Uruguayan soccer player hangs out of a window to flee from a fire

A Uruguayan soccer player in hotel quarantine hung himself from his room window on the 11th floor to escape a fire before being rescued by Buenos Aires firefighters early Tuesday morning, his Rentistas club reported.

Midfielder Francisco Duarte had tested positive for COVID-19 along with his teammates Andrés Rodales and Damian Malrec Chaude upon his arrival in Argentina to face Racing Club de Avellaneda in the Copa Libertadores.

The player told local media that he did not initially notice smoke in his room because he had lost his sense of smell due to COVID-19 and only tried to escape when he saw flames, ESPN reported.

The Buenos Aires City Council published a video showing a man hanging from his bedroom window for several seconds while firefighters used a crane to take him to safety.

Rentistas, who lost their match to Racing 3-0 on Tuesday, tweeted that Duarte was in “perfect condition” after the incident.