A trident for the comeback

The days in the calendar are discounted for Real Madrid to visit Manchester and, with them, doubts about the eleven that Zidane will draw to look for the machado are cleared. The Frenchman, a friend of the last minute surprises on his board, it seems that this time he is clear who and, above all, how they will seek to turn a tie against a team, the City of Guardiola, who is not exactly a recent arrived.

And it is that, with the 1-2 of the first leg, the main thing for the whites is the task of scoring goals. They need at least two, but considering the offensive strength of the English, they probably need one more to get the smash.

For this reason, Zidane’s bet seems that he will shoot for the offensive trident formed by Asensio-Benzema-Hazard. And from now Madrid is rehearsing in training matches in which, in addition, it has released its new kits. It is a hat trick that would leave players like Vinicius or Rodrygo out of the equation and shows that Zidane is committed to veteranism and the curriculum, especially the Franco-Belgian connection.

Benzema and Hazard

In this way, also, both Hazard and Asensio would be in their ideal position when the two started from the opposite band with space to get inside and leave the entire lane for the entrance of the wings, something that, during this post-League confinement, he has been seeing especially with Mendy on the left side.

Militao and Mendy, on the ‘pole’

Also in defense it seems that Zidane is clear. The options on the side are both appetizing: Mendy or Marcelo. But it seems that, as in the first leg, it will be the Frenchman who takes the cake.

Ferland Mendy.
Ferland Mendy.

His discipline and defense physique seem to rob Marcelo of the points necessary to appear in the eleven. Militao has it easier to supplant Ramos ahead of Nacho. And it is that although the Brazilian has not curdled the great season that was expected of him after becoming the most expensive defender in the history of the club, he has a better baggage than the youth squad during this season. Nothing will be, yes, like the presence of Ramos that Madrid hopes not to miss too much his spirit.