A train and several buses of Atlético fans will travel to Valladolid

A special police operation will ensure that incidents between fans are avoided, before the soccer game declared of high risk that will be played on Saturday Real Valladolid and the Atlético de Madrid, and will be made up of at least two groups from the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) and six of the Reaction Prevention Unit (UPR).

The subdelegate of the Government in Valladolid, Emilio Álvarez, accompanied by representatives of the Security forces, has informed this Thursday at a press conference of the measures that will be adopted in the face of the foreseeable influx of followers of the Atlético de Madrid to the Valladolid capital on May 22, while the covid-19 pandemic situation remains.

After the meeting of the Local Board of Safety, the subdelegate has placed the celebration of the match on a special date, in which both clubs “play a lot”, and in the measures that must be observed to prevent contagion of the coronavirus.

Specifically, in the stadium Jose Zorrilla It will be decided if the Atlético de Madrid is league champion and if Real Valladolid is relegated to the second division, a possibility that will also depend on the result of the matches of the Elche and the Huesca, which are played at the same time.

Alvarez has detailed that, based on the data provided by the Madrid Club and the comparison of numbers of affluence with a previous match in which the number of fans who came to the football field was about 3,000, for Saturday approximately 50 percent -about 1,500-, depending on the provisional data handled by the Subdelegation.


It has specified that the Atlético de Madrid will charter a train that will travel between three hundred and 350 followers, while the number of buses that will also travel to Valladolid It has been calculated between three and six, amounts that may vary a lot in terms of the calculation of followers due to the unknown number of people who will come in private cars.

The subdelegate, who has detailed that the Ministry of the Interior has just declared the party as high risk, explained that the operation organized in coordination with the National Police Corps and Local Police may be greater than Rapid Intervention and Prevention and Reaction UnitsThey are scheduled in principle, an option that they will evaluate in a new meeting tomorrow.

Álvarez has stated that the Real Valladolid provide a series of fences so that the National Police Corps can use them to prevent contact between the hobbies of the two teams should the case arise and he recalled that, in Valladolid, in addition to this sporting event, a duathlon will be held on the same day.

He has appealed to the responsibility and prudence of citizens because the pandemic continues and, although the Board of Castilla and León announced this Thursday a reduction from level 4 to 3, which entails maintaining softer measures against covid-19, has stressed that the Security forces they will control physical distance and the use of masks, “essential to preserve health.”

He has rated fans of the Atlético de Madrid as “most respectable people” and has admitted that there may be a problem with members of the Athletic Front -they have summoned through social networks to meet in the Main Square with the motto “Invasión Rojiblanca” -.

To people arriving by train at Valladolid, on a trip organized by the Atlético de Madrid, the Policeman will accompany you from the station to the Main Square and from there later to the vicinity of the stadium, he has specified, before ensuring that there is no official communication that concentrations in the Valladolid capital.