A surfer dies after a shark attack

A man died this Tuesday for injuries caused by a shark bite on the thigh while surfing on Tuncurry beach, more than 310 kilometers away north of Sydney, the first recorded death from a shark attack in 2021 in Australia.

The victim was treated by emergency services after being rescued from the water, although they were unable to save his life, the New South Wales State Police reported in a statement.

Following the incident, Australian authorities closed Tuncurry beach and a neighboring one, in the town of Forster, and began an operation to search for and identify the shark that attacked the surfer.

The record of shark attacks in Australia recorded by the Taronga Zoo indicates that, until this incident, in 2021 no one had yet lost their lives to a shark attack, although two were previously injured.

In 2020, there were 8 deaths – the last in November – as a result of 27 shark attacks in Australia.

It is not the first time that sharks have been sighted on Tuncurry beach