A stir on Twitter for Burger King’s message on Women’s Day

This Monday, the whole world celebrates the International Women’s Day, a tradition that falls every March 8 since 1975, when this date was established by the United Nations Organization. It is a day that remembers the struggle of women and the constant search for gender equality.

Along these lines, millions of accounts have written messages of support for women and the fight for gender equality on social networks to commemorate a day like today.

One of those who did not want to be left without contributing their sand gratin has been Burger King. From his account in the United Kingdom he has written a series of messages that have generated quite a controversy.

“Women belong to the kitchen”, can be read in the first of the three tweets. Next, the account added that “they do, of course. Still, only 20% of chefs are women. We have a mission to change the gender ratio in the catering industry, empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career ”.

Finally, they concluded by explaining that “we are proud to launch a new scholarship program that will help the employees of Burger King to pursue their culinary dreams ”.

But many users have not understood the message he wanted to convey and have not hesitated to charge harshly against the fast food company.

In the thread that they have published, you can read messages in which it is assured that “I will not eat in your restaurants again. Thanks”. Others did not hesitate to comment that “someone who works in Burger King he thought this was a good idea. ”