A star baseball player arrested for trying to strangle his wife

Dismay in the world of baseball. The Atlanta Braves player Marcell ozuna He was arrested Saturday after police in a suburb of Atlanta accused him of assault and grabbing a woman by the neck and throwing herself against a wall. According to a statement from the Police Department of Sandy Springs, Georgia, officers responded to a call for an alleged assault, entered the residence and saw Ozuna assault the woman.

According to the Fulton County, Georgia Police Department, Ozuna was arrested Saturday night on charges of aggravated suffocation, assault and family violence. A report from the security forces of Sandy springThey add that in addition to trying to hang a woman, the player hit the victim on the head with his arm in a cast.

The Atlanta Braves They condemned what happened and offered their full collaboration in the investigation. “The Atlanta Braves fully support the MLB policy on domestic violence that emphasizes to the utmost that our society cannot tolerate domestic violence in any form,” the franchise explained in a statement.

“We learned of the arrest of Marcell ozuna and we immediately inform the commissioner’s office. Until the investigation is complete, we will not comment further and any questions on the matter will have to be addressed to the commissioner’s office. “