A ‘ring plan’ in Neptuno or Cibeles to celebrate LaLiga

Several rings interposed by the Municipal Police of Madrid and fences around the source of Neptune will control the capacity in the Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo, to avoid a massive accumulation of fans of the Atlético de Madrid if finally on Saturday he is proclaimed champion of the League.

This was indicated this morning at the inauguration of Fitur by the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has indicated that a police device will be launched in collaboration with the Government Delegation in Madrid, which could be transferred to the Cibeles area if the Real Madrid, although it has less possibilities, champion is proclaimed.

“Our message is that despite the joy of winning a league title in these circumstances we still have to exercise responsibility and therefore we request that there be no crowds,” but anyone is free to go to those sources. That is why we prepare a device to avoid such agglomerations as much as possible. establishing various rings to filter people and when it is considered that it is an excessive number to be able to cut access to these sources ”, he has wielded.

For her part, the Government delegate, Mercedes González, already indicated a few days ago that they are talking with the Atlético de Madrid, to whom he thanked his predisposition so that fans do not take to the streets en masse on Saturday to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, they have organized a police cordon and more measures, which were agreed at the technical meeting held between the Municipal and National Police last week.

The precedents are not favorable. The meetings of the last weekends in front of fans in front of the Metropolitan stadium without keeping distances and some without masks, together with the call of the Athletic Front to celebrate in Neptuno as the PP celebrated the triumph of the regional elections makes the authorities fear that the crowds will finally take place if Atlético sings the alirón.

For this reason, the authorities hope that, as happened last summer with Real Madrd, the clubs themselves will ask their fans not to go to the traditional celebration points in the event of a victory. However, unlike last year, this one does expect a restrained official reception by the City Council and the Community of Madrid for the winning team on Sunday.