A participant of ‘First Dates’, mercilessly with the Spanish: ‘They say they will do everything to you, but …’

One more Wednesday, like every night in Four, the chain issued a new installment of ‘First Dates‘. Presented by Carlos Sobera, different singles went to the restaurant in search of love or, at least, to spend a pleasant evening with the person who had assigned them the program.

Last night, one of the appointments that the faithful followers of the program could see was that of Paula and Antonio. During dinner, the Cuban did not hesitate to speak openly about relationships and the experiences she had had with the Spanish since she came to live on the peninsula.

Along these lines, her companion revealed that at some point in her life she had been a year and a half without having sexual relations. “I can’t stay for a year and a half, I think. I’d rather reboot with an acquaintance than spend a year with nothing, really. I’d rather repeat with a bad fuck than go on a diet”, Said the Cuban without mincing words.

Paula, contestant on ‘First Dates’

However, he added that “men are very blah, blah, blah and they lose the coverage area. They are guys who when I give them the opportunity they go like this: ‘I’m going to do everything for you, at the time of everything’ and when the time comes they are left half. And you are like ‘what happened?’ “.

Finally, he continued saying that “perhaps, with the Spaniards I’ve been with lust a lot And because I’m Cuban, I dance and I’m a little exuberant, well they don’t keep up with me. They die on the road and I am very lazy ”.

The Spaniards I’ve been with lust a lot, but then they don’t keep up with me