A motion of censure is looming in the FCF

The discontent on the part of the clubs with the Catalan Football Federation (FCF) is already being heard. The first discordant voices sound with the management of Soteras Vigo, president of the FCF and vice president of Luis Rubiales in the RFEF, and they begin to speak of a motion of censure.

One of these voices is that of Adolfo Borgoñó, president of Castelldefels and visible head of the platform ‘Per una FCF dels clubs’. Burgundy, an economist by profession, has never complained about the federative entity before but, like many others, he has said enough.

“I don’t have corpses in the closet. You cannot remove any dirty cloth from me, so I am very calm, ”he says. “I embark on this story because of the freedom that I have, because I have never aligned myself with anyone, I have always gotten along well with everyone and I have been politically correct. But for more than a year, the FCF has stopped providing service to its client, who are the clubs, “explains Borgoñó, who adds bluntly:” The reality is that we have been completely ignored at all levels: in the sports car, with absurd competition plans. They never understood that what the clubs needed was to play, not compete; and economically, since the current leaders of the Federation are only concerned about their perks, their salaries and the people they have placed there ”.

Preparing the change

This initiative comes after several club presidents spoke to each other and realizing that outrage is common: “I have always been a supporter of the FCF and have tried to be positive. But it ended. What is happening is inadmissible. Now it is about bringing together the more clubs the better to promote a change ”. This change involves “bringing to the assembly next June certain issues that concern us all and, obviously, if sufficiently added, promoting a motion of no confidence.”

And the thing is, for Burgundy, the clubs “we cannot allow those who are directing the FCF to spend the year they have left, because if we allow it we run the risk of having to eat four more of them and that would be totally the grave of Catalan football. Those in charge are a cancer for the FCF and, therefore, for the clubs. We are going against those who make the decisions at this moment ”.

The current job of the platform is to “try to get those who now lead in there, because nothing can be done if they don’t come out. And once that is achieved, the clubs will decide who they want to represent them. Many people are beginning to mobilize and, after the letter that we sent to all entities, more and more people have sent us their support both personally and through the website, perunafcfdelsclubs.cat, or Twitter (@FcfPer), where we already have more than 1,000 followers “