A man protects his dog with his body from the brutal attack of two dogs

A man did not hesitate to protect his mongrel dog, using his own body as a shield, from the brutal attack of two dogs of the American Staffordshire terriers breed. The events have occurred in the city of Saint Petersburg.

The man was walking down the street of the Russian town with his dog when suddenly the two dogs, who were walking without muzzles or leashes, jumped towards their victim. At that precise moment, the owner reacts quickly and decides to go to the ground to protect his pet from the bites and blows of the other two dogs.

Using your body, protected his dog until the owner of the two dogs intervened. However, both the mongrel dog and its owner were injured.

The dog suffered a leg injury and multiple bites All over your body. Fortunately, the vets managed to save his life. The man also suffered some injuries but not of a serious nature.

Some images that have spread like wildfire on social networks, to such an extent that they have become viral. Before the dissemination of the images, the authorities of Saint Petersburg announced that the facts will be investigated.