A Madrid without titles calls for a revolution

It is never easy to fit in a season without metal in the big clubs but even in the Real
Madrid, a year without titles, is even more complicated. For this reason, in the white group there are already those who are asking for a deep, necessary and urgent revolution.

Zidane, uncertain future

The first to be looked at with uncertainty is Zidane. The Frenchman, in his first year as a coach in which he is not capable of winning anything, has a foot and a half out but refuses to confirm it. In the coming days, he has made progress, he will have a meeting with the president and it will be there when his future is decided.

The squad venerates him and the fans, even if divided, continue to trust him. However, for an entity like the Real
Madrid in which victory is the reason for all decisions, it is hard to think that its continuity is advocated.

Changes in the template

Another of the broken ones in which the Real
Madrid must repair is in the locker room, in the staff. The Real Madrid players have been forming the same block for years and it is difficult to carry out that transition that has been talked about so much.

The first to arrive will be Alaba, but in the capital they are waiting for a player who changes the dynamics and hopes because Hazard it has not succeeded. That is, it waits for Mbappe or Haaland.

Thus, when the season is over, the time of changes begins at a delicate moment both sportingly and socially. Although at Real Madrid his hand does not usually shake to fix the project.