A judge quotes a battered bitch as a witness

During the trial held this Tuesday in the Criminal Court number 1 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the magistrate Sandra Barrera He made history with his unusual measure. The judge surprised the attendees by calling the injured party as a witness, “The bitch Milagros”, a female pitbull breed.

The hearing was held on the occasion of the accusation of its former owner for the mistreatment of the animal. This was denounced by to have thrown it in the trash locked in a suitcase rigid, and although the defendant was not present in court, he testified via videoconference. Sergio M.J. he was in preventive prison in Seville after being arrested for his involvement in a Stole.

The dog Milagros during the trial for her own abuse.

Francisca Sánchez, environmental prosecutor of the province, was in charge of clarifying to all attendees that “Obviously the witness cannot speak”, but expressed that the public prosecution and a forensic doctor would do it for her and would expose to the judge the injuries she had suffered and how she was currently. “I think it is positive to raise awareness of the problem of mistreatment of animals”, assured the president of the Albergue Comarcal Valle Colino, Adriana Naranjo, who welcomed the animal, helped him to recover and managed to get him adopted by another family, with whom he continues to live. Anyway, he recognized that it was not necessary for the bitch to “appear at the trial” because the injuries he suffered more than six years ago were documented.

The events took place in October 2012, when neighbors heard Milagros growls inside the container and they opened a hole in the plastic of the suitcase so that it could remove the head; Thanks to this, he was able to save himself. “When they pulled her out, the bitch was in ‘shock.’ She had been locked in a suitcase that hardly fit and where she couldn’t even breathe. And it was seen that his body was full of bites from other dogs ”, explained Adriana Naranjo.

The trial has taken almost seven years to take place because it has been postponed several times since the accused was unaccounted for until being arrested for the robbery in Seville. Finally, the accused admitted to the judge that he had thrown the dog in the trash, although alleging that he did so because “I thought I was dead”. This is why Sergio M.J. faces a petition for conviction ranging from nine months requested by the Prosecutor’s Office and year demanded by the Albergue Comarcal Valle Colino. The prosecutor of the case has already advanced that, in case he is convicted, He will demand that he serve his sentence without being granted any type of suspension.

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