A heroic Leeds portrays Manchester City

Leeds has titanic merit. Bielsa deserves more than a statue. He has created an author team, heroic in the Etihad. In the fifth he went to the charm for the Argentine, who won for the first time in his career at Guardiola in an agonizing afternoon, with one less footballer for the red to Cooper before the break. At that moment, a desirable scenario for a City that ended up losing in the attempt to come back. Leeds was killed, propelled by two goals from one Dallas that mitigates the euphoria in Manchester (1-2).

With the Champions to be decided, Guardiola chose to reserve some of his cards against Leeds. But so much change ended up upsetting the City, flatter without Gündogan neither De Bruyne. Fernandinho detected spaces to run and generate superiority that he did not discover through Zinchenko and of Bernardo silva, interiors at the Etihad. It was in the game script of Bielsa, with his team prepared to neutralize the dominance that City usually has with the ball.

Nice hand in hand with Guardiola. The counterattack was given a break thanks to Raphinha, anarchic and fanciful soccer player. A shortcut to get to Ederson. Leeds responded to City’s push with the impudence they have Meslier, who refused to raffle the ball. You cannot betray yourself. Things from the script Marcelo, relentless in some things. BamfordHowever, he did not have his afternoon. He fell back on some spicy plays by a team that is not scared by anything or anyone.

It is known saved in the Premier, largely for having behaved with irreverence all year. It was no less in the Etihad. I cancel lost the elusive reference to Hélder Costa, origin of a play in which Bamford acted as a connector so that Dallas surprise Ederson. His auction, to the stock of the post, caused a contained cry of Bielsa: 0-1. However, shortly after the referee helped City with a questionable expulsion to Cooper for an entry about Gabriel Jesus.

He only needed to have one more to the box of Guardiola, with much more presence. To so much control Leeds had to reluctantly entrench themselves, an unappetizing resource for a team that is not used to protecting themselves. Luck had among other things the bad game of Sterling, mentally affected by his substitution in Champions. But the City monologue did not stop. I enter Gündogan, footballer with a nose, necessary on an afternoon purposely entangled by Leeds.

The clash had been inclined for so long that City emerged after a triangulation between Fernandinho Y Bernardo silva, topped by Ferran torres. The 1-1 did not satisfy Guardiola, who made use of Foden to go back. But Leeds had an ace up their sleeve. In an English style backlash Dallas He put the finishing touches on a City that remains dejected at the gates of the Champions League: “Congratulations, Marcelo“, Told him Pep to Bielsa. The teacher imposed his lesson.


Manchester City, 1

Ederson; Cancelo, Stones, Aké (Gündogan, 58 ‘), Mendy (Foden, 74’); Fernandinho, Bernardo Silva, Zinchenko; Ferran Torres, Sterling, Gabriel Jesus

Coach: Pep Guardiola

Leeds, 2

Meslier; Ayling, Llorente, Cooper, Alioski, Phillips; Raphinha (Shackleton, 95 ‘), Dallas, Roberts (Koch, 63’), Costa; Bamford (Struijk, 45 ‘)

Coach: Marcelo Bielsa

Goals: 0-1, Dallas (41 ‘), 1-1, Ferran Torres (75’), 1-2, Dallas (91 ‘)

Referee: Andre Marriner. He admonished Aké (35 ‘), Alioski, (66’), Bernardo Silva (83 ‘), Fernandinho (93’). He expelled Cooper (44 ‘)