A goal from Cristian Álvarez sinks Lugo in the 97th minute

In the 97th minute, in a lateral foul, the goalkeeper Cristian Alvarez He headed in the rival area and rescued for him Saragossa a point (2-2) that avoids a mess and leaves the Lugo, who chained his fifteenth game without winning.

Two corners, one headed by Manu Barreiro and another that connected Frederico Venancio and ended up introducing in his goal French Alexander, they were going to allow Lugo to finally break a three-month winless series, but the South American goalkeeper changed the script in an epic way.

Lugo, after fourteen games without winning and six defeats in a row, had a final before them; the Saragossa, the opportunity to move away from relegation or continue in the mess, circumstances that, initially, translated into fear of error on the pitch.

With the great novelty of Alberto Varo under sticks in his first game of the season in LaLiga SmartBank, Lugo recovered the direct game that had given him results with the second coach of the course, Mehdi Nafti. Now he goes around the room.

That football with few touches gave Lugo the first option within half an hour after a counter that he mounted Juanpe Jimenez. On the left joined Chris Ramos and his center was connected in the front by Hugo Rama, but the ball touched lightly in Carlos Nieto and ended in a corner.

The balance was broken before the break, the two were able to go ahead and it was the locals who succeeded. In a corner kick Hugo Rama served the area with precision and in it emerged Manu Barreiro to head the long stick and beat Cristian Alvarez.

Lugo, very close together, fell back too far after the intermission and the Saragossa he took a determined step forward. Narváez (m.58) put Varo to the test with a volley behind a wall with Adrian Gonzalez and Zaragoza reestablished the equalized (m.62) with a penalty from the goalkeeper to Ivan Azon in the dispute for an aerial ball to which the forward was ahead.

The 18-year-old young attacker from the Aragonese team was about to put his team ahead in the 68th minute, in a corner that headed centered, but this time he saved Varus. Narváez also had it in a lateral foul and Adrian. That of the midfielder was cleared by the Portuguese Frederico Venancio.

Lugo changed with the entry of its two most destabilizing players, Gerard Valentine and the Panamanian ‘Puma ‘Rodriguez, who reappeared after overcoming their respective injuries. The American player sought the goal with a shot that ended in a corner and in that action the Galician team found victory with a shot from Venancio that ended up getting into his French goal.

The Saragossa He tried until the end with the offensive changes of Juan Ignacio Martínez and found it at the last minute, in a foul that Lugo conceded on the left wing and that the goalkeeper headed Cristian Alvarez.

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2-Lugo: Varo; Alende (Pedro López, m.90), Venancio, Pita, Luis Ruiz; Juanpe, Seoane (El Hacen, m.69); Cristian Herrera (Gerard Valentín, m.74), Hugo Rama (Xavi Torres, m.90), Chris Ramos (‘Puma’ Rodríguez, m.74); and Manu Barreiro.

2-Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Vigaray, Peybernes, Francés, Nieto (Pep Chavarría, m.83); Francho (Alegría, m.87), Zapater (Eguaras, m.70); Bermejo, Adrián González (Igbekeme, m.83), Narváez; and Iván Azón (Vuckic, m.87).

Goals: 1-0, M.44: Barreiro. 1-1, M.64: Adrián González, from a penalty. 2-1, M.82: Venancio. 2-2, M.97: Cristian Álvarez.

Referee: Arcediano Monescillo, from the Castilian-La Mancha Committee. He showed yellow Alberto Varo (m.62) and Juanpe (m.96), from Lugo; and Peybernes (m.68) and Iván Azón (m.78), from Zaragoza.

Incidents: Match of the thirty-seventh day of LaLiga SmartBank played in the Anxo Carro behind closed doors.